Pastels — Always current, always in fashion

When it comes to pastels , we are not talking about just a trend — it’s something that never goes out of fashion, in a world full of trend changes. Used in casual outfits, airy looks and formal sets, pastels do always express a specific point of view, in additions with an uplifting mood.
Pastels — Always current, always in fashion

This year, 2022, more than any other, pastels inspire hope and positiveness, trying to struggle against pandemic and sadness. As a company, although remaining faithful to our principles, we -every single time- try to honor the feminine, the elegant, the contemporary female expression through style. It’s the core of our Philosophy.

Pastel, for us, means summer.
Combined with neutral tones such us whites ,greys and blacks they consist a safe, elegant yet fresh combination.
Another characteristic of the pastel pallet is the way you can combine two or three of them together creating an uplifting result, but also go monochromatic and create a more chic outcome.
Choosing to combine with bright ones such us oranges, yellows and electric ones, you make a more eye-catching and playful statement!

As mentioned before, pastel clothes will always keep a happy space in our wardrobes, ready to make our every day walks brighter and alive. So, have a great summer!