Ecovero Viscose: An excellent and necessary fabric in every wardrobe.

The fact is that in the last decade the global fashion industry is increasingly turning to choices of fabrics not only in terms of quality, but sustainable as well as environmentally friendly.

PHILOSOPHY constantly strives to adopt processes and raw materials that help save the planet’s resources and reduce the footprint in the environment.

But what is the famous Ecovero Viscose?

What is Ecovero?

It is a type of viscose made from sustainable wood from controlled sources: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). Manufactured in Austria by Lenzing Co., one of the world’s best-performing viscose producers from sustainable wood and pulp supply practices.

The Ecovero production process

All stages of production are environmentally friendly and superior in all areas to all other types of viscose, which makes the Ecovero excellent in every way.

The advantages

Skin friendly: Ecovero is soft not only in texture but also in skin touch.

Breathable: The fibers are designed in such a way that moisture and temperature are not trapped. As a result, the body maintains its natural temperature better.

Lightweight: Viscose is a lightweight fabric that makes Ecovero ideal even for summer clothes.

Biodegradable: Derived from wood pulp, it is part of the natural chain and decomposes back in its original materials, a few months after its deposition in the decomposition conditions.


The field of textiles still has a long way to go and needs constant development. Ecovero shows that there is a way and knowledge for friendlier approaches without compromising on quality.

PHILOSOPHY has chosen this path, a value built from the beginning of the company. Clothes are an extension of ourselves and all together part of a larger whole.

Let’s respect it.